What Do You Need To Know About Car Colors?

Which car color should you choose?

Car buying people pay attention to the brand and model, functionality, and other technical parameters. However, the color of the car is also important. What color to choose to look stylish and presentable in the car?

Features of car color selection

To begin with, it is important to understand what the color of the vehicle generally affects. For example, black, from accident rate, is not the best choice, because cars of dark shades visually merge with the road and more often get into accidents.

Bright colored cars, especially red, should also be more careful. This coloring can evoke aggressiveness and attract too much attention. Visually, on the road, it may even seem that the red car is moving at a higher speed than it is. In general, the abundance of colors on the road distracts the attention of drivers.

Light-colored cars are less likely to cause car accidents, but there are other disadvantages. The most significant is the increased susceptibility to pollution. Dust, dirt, water streaks are visible on white cars much more than on any others. Besides, yellowing may appear over time. However, this can be avoided with careful care using special products.

Color and personal temperament

There is a certain pattern in this:

* Black — the choice of confident people with clear leadership abilities, but hot-tempered and harsh;

* White — suitable for idealists with a developed imagination, characterized by excessive emotionality;

* Yellow — preferred by active outgoing people who strive to be different from others;

* Silver — Often bought by discreet and judicious drivers with high self-esteem;

* Purple — is the choice of romantics and dreamers;

* Red — the choice of hot-tempered, passionate natures, purposeful and prone to dominance;

* Blue/green and others — suitable for peaceful natures with a changeable driving style.

Road safety

Experts argue that you need to focus on the factors responsible for road safety. It is worth avoiding too bright flashy colors, it is also undesirable to give preference to dark tones. However, if you are a neat and experienced driver, then you can pick the color you like the most.